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Godaddy Web Hosting Review 2016

Godaddy is known to be the world largest domain registrar. This company was started in 1997 under the name of Jomax Technologies by Bob Parsons. Later in 1999 they changed the name to Godaddy. This name began to become popular among the people and it brought them a smile and they remembered the name. Currently it manages over 62 million domains and Godaddy possesses a customer base of 14 million. The company is established in Arizona and there are over 5000 employee works in it.

Godaddy mainly provide 3 services. One of those services is the domain registration. You can register your domain name through Godaddy for an affordable price. There are services like Godaddy promo code which can be used to have discounts on Godaddy purchases. These Godaddy promo codes are available in some places. is one such place where you can find Godaddy promo codes. Most of the people visit and get the Godaddy promo code service, so that they can register their domain name for a very cheap price.

The next main service offered by Godaddy is the web hosting service. One might ask what is web hosting refers to. Well, web hosting is a service where a customer’s site is assigned a unique DNS and stored on one of the hosting service provider’s servers from where people can visit the site. So there are many hosting companies available in the internet. Among them Godaddy is a well recognized and a trustworthy web hosting company. When it comes to web hosting service in Godaddy, there are so many benefits you can get. Some of these consist of database storage, setup for registered domains, installation of over 125 free applications, 24/7 security monitoring and providing an easy to use control panel. With the use of this control panel you can control your whole hosting account with few clicks. There are so many other benefits which you will have from Godaddy hosting service.

When compared to other hosting companies, Godaddy have some interesting and impressive features. One of those features which are rare to find in other companies is their 24/7 security monitoring. Because of this feature your hosting account will be secured all the time. No one can access this account except you. So you have that benefit. And when it comes to the prices, they are very cheap when compared to other companies. When we consider about the renewal charges, you have the chance to get discounts on them with the use of Godaddy promo codes and coupons. Another important feature in the Godaddy hosting packages is that these packages are integrated with a website builder which you can used to make a website by your own. So these features can’t be seen in most of the other hosting companies.

So it is obvious that Godaddy is one of the best hosting company available in the internet. With the features integrated in Godaddy web hosting service you can encounter interesting experiences.

How to make money with the right domain name – Benefits of premium domains

Domain names are incredibly important and beneficial for virtually all businesses nowadays, even those with only the smallest of online presences. For businesses with a strong online presence however, I.E Ecommerce stores, having the right domain name could be the difference between success and failure. There are a number of domain name hosts currently available, yet Godaddy, thanks to their various Godaddy coupons, and their coupon vouchers, have been leading the pack for a number of years now, and that doesn’t look set to change anytime soon. By having the right domain name in place however, I.E a premium domain name, you can actually make yourself a great deal of money, and can benefit in many different ways. Here’s a look at some of the main benefits associated with premium domains.

Great deals – As mentioned, with hosts such as Godaddy offering Godaddy coupon code deals, finding a Godaddy coupon online just couldn’t be easier. A Godaddy coupon code, as you can probably guess from the name, will provide you with a great deal of money off of your domain name, when the time comes for you to renew. You can expect to enjoy various discounts depending on which codes and coupons you use, but even a saving such as 5% is better than no saving whatsoever, so just bear that in mind.

Improved SEO – SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is another crucial tool for any businesses relying heavily on online traffic and enquiries. SEO basically dictates how well your website performs in the search engine results, so when people enter relevant keywords and phrases for your company, you’ll want to ensure that your page is as close to the top of page 1 as you can possibly get it. With a premium domain name however, you will benefit from improved SEO right off the bat, as they will assist with link acquisition. What’s more, they allow for the placement of stronger keyword and phrases, which again, will help to bump your page up the search engine rankings.

Marketing benefits – Another great benefit of having a premium domain, and another way in which it will help you to make money, is the fact that, premium domain names will help provide numerous physical marketing benefits for your company. For example, all forms of advertising and marketing that are not internet-based, can be placed on your website and can be used for marketing benefits in those respects. Premium domain names are memorable, short, and catchy, so people will remember them, and will instantly associate them with your branding, and your various marketing campaigns.

More traffic – Many premium domain names actually allow for more direct traffic straight to your website, due to the fact that, as mentioned, they are often short, catchy, and memorable. This means that, rather than typing into the search bar, people will instead type your web address directly into their browser, which means that they are guaranteed to be taken directly to your website, which in turn, could result in an improved conversion rate.

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