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8 Tips to You Become a Successful Domain Investor

You cannot let this year end having not bought domains and ensure that get you make a living from them. Generic domains are quite expensive and there is no news yet of the value decreasing any time soon. In that case, one must focus on purchasing a cheaper quality domain. To locate great domains, you

Managed WordPress Hosting: Advantages & Disadvantages

Why used Managed Web sites are pretty complex and when you see it on the web page you thing well that looks good I wonder how they do that. Then you in your naivety say to yourself well let me give this a go and you find a free website company promoting on the internet

Get a Free Domain Name Today – Things to know

Very few things in this world can be truly classed as free, so when you do get the opportunity to snag yourself a great deal, well, you should pounce and act quickly, because who knows when you will get another chance? Take domain names for example. Whilst there are GoDaddy coupon offers and other similar

10 Reasons for Using WordPress for Business Websites

Whether you are just planning on building your website or have already decided to go ahead with the whole idea, you will need to put into consideration a few aspects in terms of having the website work the way you want. Most businesses are choosing to go with WordPress as their hosting service and the

Tracking Your Website’s Uptime – The Ultimate Guide

When trying to set up a website, the Internet will be screaming in your face to get a host who provides the highest level of uptime. The more you do your research the higher the chances of believing in the uptime advice. But, what really is uptime for your website? Can you measure it and


HOW TO MAKE THE BEST WEBSITE FOR YOUR BUSINESS The internet is the best place to find information. When customers need information about certain services, the first place to go to for most of them is the internet. This aspect has made it necessary to create websites that should appear among the results of web


You are about to start your own online business. The first thing on your list is to purchase a domain. You even have GoDaddy coupons to make the most of your money. Hold on, and read this article first. We will cover some topics of the must do things before buying a domain.   To be

How Does Hosting Affects Your Website’s Search Engine Ranking(SEO)

How Does Hosting Affects Your Website's Search Engine Ranking SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION(SEO) To become an entrepreneur is a daunting decision to make and becoming an Internet Marketing entrepreneur is even more daunting especially if like the majority of startups in the industry you are not sure how to go about setting up a successful business.


 GODADDY BACKORDERS: FAST AND AUTOMATIC BIDDING  GoDaddy is the first ever service which is for facilitating the registration of the names of domains and services related to website development. The headquarters of this company are based in Arizona and it was started in 1997. This domain registration service is responsible for management of millions and millions

Review on Godaddy Private Registration

Review on Godaddy Private Registration  Godaddy is the world largest domain registrar which manages more than 62 million domains and it serves over 14 million customers. So it is obvious that most of the internet users use Godaddy as their domain registrar which made Godaddy the favorite of most of the internet users in the