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Very few things in this world can be truly classed as free, so when you do get the opportunity to snag yourself a great deal, well, you should pounce and act quickly, because who knows when you will get another chance? Take domain names for example. Whilst there are GoDaddy coupon offers and other similar deals designed to provide great savings, generally, purchasing and renewing domain names can be an expensive and slightly stressful ordeal, especially if you’re new to the world of domain names. With a quick search online, you will indeed find yourself a number of free domain name hosts and websites, but there are things you must first consider, which we’ll be taking a look at right now. To help make things that little bit easier for you, here’s a look at a few things to know about free domain names.

You can get special offers – As mentioned, thanks to GoDaddy coupon offers, as well as finding yourself a GoDaddy domain renewal coupon, you can snag yourself some truly special offers and can save a great deal of money in the process, which will basically mean that, for a while at least, that you will be getting your domain name completely free. A GoDaddy domain renewal coupon for example, means that you will save a great deal of money, or will even get some months for free, though obviously, you will need to be renewing your domain name in the first place.

You don’t always get full control – Another thing that you will need to realize when it comes to some free domain name hosts, is the fact that you yourself, will have very little control and ownership over the domain name. This means that, in a sense at least, that your website doesn’t actually belong to you at all, but rather, that it instead belongs to the hosts. This is risky and it could potentially look bad for your company and could make you look unprofessional. For this reason, you may wish to seriously consider going professional and going with a company such as GoDaddy instead.

Hidden catches – Another thing to be wary of with many free web hosting providers, is the fact that they often have hidden catches designed to catch you out at a later date. For example, some will only offer a certain amount of bandwidth, which, when exceeded, could cause the site to crash. This would require you to purchase more bandwidth, and that may be how they make their money. Others may only offer free hosting for the first few months, so the trick here is to basically read the small print and make sure you don’t end up getting caught out and being ripped off.

Availability – Another thing you will need to be wary of before taking out any free domain name is the availability of the domain name. For example, if you plan on launching your company in four week’s time, yet the domain name will not be available for another eight weeks, obviously this will cause big problems for you. When taking out any domain name, make sure it will be available when you need it to be.

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