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Differences of shared hosting and cloud hosting

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Everything nowadays is going to the cloud. It is hard to explain if there is a difference between the  wide  pools of  options  available  if  you  are  not  a  computer  geek. For example, shared and cloud hosting may sound the same to uneducated ears, but they a4e different.

The  same   vendors  even  offer  both  cloud  and  hosting  services,  and you  can get confused while  buying.  Using  GoDaddy discount,  you  can  get  any  service at a discounted  price. Check  for  current  promotions. They change every month, but you can get  at  least 30% off with a GoDaddy promo code.   When  you  use  a GoDaddy coupon, you can also acquire services at a preference price.


Whereas both shared and cloud hosting is meant to get your information in the cloud, they make use of computing resources in different ways. Shared hosting, as its name states is  expected to be shared with other users. You get access to the same server with  other users.  Most times, you don’t know  with h ow many users you are sharing the  same  server. You only  get information  about  the  space  assigned  to you and performance  depends  on  how  many clients  are allocated on the same server and what  is  the   server’s   capacity. You   will  share resources  like  memory, CPU, and bandwidth, with a reserved disc space for you. Most t imes, shared services are full.If one client overloads the server, then others sharing the same resources will find their performance drop.

On the other hand, the cloud service is a type of hosting service where you have designated resources allocated on several servers. For the users of the hosting services, there is no downtime if there is a problem with a server. The available resources are dedicated to the client and include memory, processor, hard disc capacity and transference speed. At times, processors are measured according to how many dedicated nucleiare assigned to each client. A GoDaddy coupon is suitable for any kind of hosting.


Regarding     management,   a    cloud     service     will      require  much   more   attention.  The company  should     take care of  such things  like  installations,  firewalls, updates, and  deal with  potentia l hackers. If a system gets  down, it will be his responsibility to   get   it  up and to  run. A GoDaddy promo code  is   suitable to buy cloud  services, but  there  is no administration included.

On the other   contrary, a  shared    hosting  service    makes use of the     same instance of   the application   server,   database,   and   operating  system. This just  means  that general administration is part of the responsibility of the hosting service provider. You still  need to do some installation  and   updates,  but  the   most  critical     are covered. There  are     also  other administration    features  for    your    particular   site t2  give  you  control  on  the application server and  the  database but limited to your shared section. You  can  use   a  GoDaddy discount  to   get  web hosting  at  a  much  more affordable price.


Safety is a primary concern for clients using hosting services. Physical security of the hardware containing the information is 100% responsibility of the hosting service provider. A GoDaddy coupon is suitable for any scheme you choose either shared or cloud hosting.

On a shared hosting server, the service provider is 100% responsible for the operating system, and some features of the server. A cloud hosting, on the other hand, is 100% responsibility of the client. It gives you more control over security, but a web service administrator is needed to keep everything up to date. Most GoDaddy promo code is suitable for cloud hosting. You can choose from various options to get the package that best fits your needs.


Regarding     management,    a   cloud    service   will   require   much   more     attention.    The company  should take care of  such things   like  installations,  firewalls,  updates, and  deal  with potentia l hackers. If a system gets  down,  it will  be his  responsibility to   get   it  up and to  run. A  GoDaddy promo code   is    suitable  to  buy  cloud  services, but  there  is no administration included.

Godaddy Promo Code


When there is an unwanted failure, both shared and cloud hosting is affected. There are several techniques to reduce the downtime to a minimum. Virtual machines working on a cluster are one of the most typical options. The hosting provider will configure the system to its most efficient option according to the budget.

A contract should state how much uptime is warranted by the hosting service provider. Most vendors offer a 99% uptime service, but it is common to have a contract with no real engagement. A GoDaddy discount will not affect the features offered by the service provider.


The commercial plans of either option have different characteristics, and you cannot make a straight comparison. No matter which vendor you are using or if you use a GoDaddy coupon, a GoDaddy promo code or a GoDaddy discount cloud hosting will always be more expensive than shared hosting. So, to choose among the 3 of them is a matter of administration and the desired performance.

 The following are typical characteristics bonded to an offer of shared hosting services:



  • One website on basic plans and unlimited sites for the biggest plans.


  • A limited storage capacity on basic plans (typically 100 GB) and unlimited storage for most significant plans which cost more money.


  • E-Mail accounts are ranging from 10 to 1000 or unlimited, depending on the plan. A GoDaddy coupon is suitable to get e-mail accounts too.


  •   Every GoDaddy promo code has a free domain included    when you pay for an annual subscription of the hosting services.



  •  Security backup is typically an additional service. You can use the GoDaddy discount to pay less money for the whole package.



  • Most vendors offer for cloud services a scheme based on the following assigned resources:


  • Assigned memory, starting on 0.5 GB up to 8 GB.


  •   Processing ability, measured on dedicated nucleus for your service. The nuclei count starts at one, and can go as high as four on standard packages.



  • Storage capacity ranges from 20 to 80 GB of SDD using a GoDaddy discount.


  •  Data transfer rates start at 1 TB and can go as high as TB on complete packages.

 As you can see, the main characteristics are entirely different. Don’t miss the chance to use a GoDaddy promo code for any hosting services that suit your needs.

Godaddy Overview: Domain & Hosting Register, Web Services

Godaddy is the world largest ICANN-accredited registrar who serves for more than 14 million customers all around the world. The company was started in 1997 under the name of Jomax Technologies by Bob Parsons. Jomax changed its name to Godaddy in 1999 and decided to keep it since it made people smile and remember it. When it comes to domain registering sites, within the past 17 years of time, Godaddy has become able to be the choice of almost all the internet users in the world. Currently Godaddy manages more than 62 million domains. The company is not only limited for domain registration. It also offers hosting services, web services and many more other services.

When it comes to domain services offered by Godaddy, it is quite impressive. Selecting a right domain is very crucial for any business and company. If you fail to select the perfect name, you will not be able to reach success in the online market. Therefore it is really important to have right domain chosen. Godaddy offers you the services such as domain registration, domain transfers, bulk domain registrations, domain buy services and many more services related to domains. And there are some services offered by them such as Godaddy promo code and Godaddy coupon codes which can be used to get discounts on the Godaddy purchases made by the customers. These Godaddy promo code and Godaddy coupon code services can be found in various places. is one such place where you can find Godaddy promo codes and Godaddy coupons. Latest Godaddy services are updated to and there are many internet users who enjoy these services through Couponclerks.

Among the services offered by Godaddy, their hosting services take an important place. If you are purchasing a hosting package from Godaddy, it is not just another hosting package. There are many more other benefits which you will be gaining when using the package. This package comes with database storage, installation of over 125 applications, setup for registered domains, 24/7 monitoring and many more other facilities. One of the most important things in these hosting packages is that it is integrated with an easy to use control panel. With the use of this panel, you can control all the things related to your hosting package.

Next best thing in Godaddy is their web services. In one hand domain service and hosting service also can be taken as two of Godaddy’s web services. But there are lot more other services offered by Godaddy when it comes to web services. Godaddy offers you with a website builder which you can use to make your website by your own. Most of the domain owners hire various other people to design their websites. Sometimes some people can’t afford those prices these freelancers demand. But with the use of this website builder you can design in a perfect and beautiful website. You do not need any kind of knowledge on coding or other technical skills to use this website builder. You will be able work with this builder with comfort. And Godaddy offers you hundreds of customized themes which can be applied on your websites. These are only a few web services provided by Godaddy. There are many more services and benefits you can get through Godaddy.

Biggest Website Mistake No One Tells You

Mistakes can be made by any person. But if you do the same mistake again and again that will lead you to your end. We should learn from our mistakes. Not only from our mistakes, we should also learn from the mistakes made by the others. When you do that, it will lead you to the success. Mistakes can be happened in any field. Biggest mistake you can make when it comes to websites is selecting your domain name. Domain name is the online brand which represents your company or organization. So when we are going to select a domain name for our website we should be careful.

When it comes to designing the website, most of us hire a freelancer to design our website. So from selecting and registering the domain name to the finishing of our website everything is done by that freelancer. The danger in this is, when the freelancer is the one to select the domain name, he will possess the registering password. So there is a possibility of shutting down our website by this freelancer. He can make demands in this situation which will make us a loss. It is Ok to hire a freelancer to design our website. But when it comes to registering the domain name, it is our responsibility. The benefit of registering our domain name by ourselves is that all the security related factors will be known by us.

Another disadvantage in allowing the freelancer to register our domain name is, when it comes to the renewal of the domain name, there is a possibility for the freelancer to renew it before us and he will try to resell it to us. We can’t say that every freelancer will try to do this. But there are instances where these kinds of things happened and they had to face lots of troubles and losses.

Good luck to you!

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