Managed WordPress Hosting: Advantages & Disadvantages

Managed wordpress

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Why used Managed

Web sites are pretty complex and when you see it on the web page you thing well that looks good I wonder how they do that. Then you in your naivety say to yourself well let me give this a go and you find a free website company promoting on the internet and off you go only to find it is pretty confusing if you do not have the knowledge how it all works. Now with Godaddy you can get WordPress one of the world’s leading website tools.

The advantage of using a managed website is that it takes all the technical away from your daily operations. Doing website design takes a lot of time and getting it right needs your full attention without having to worry about all the background settings that are used to ensure that the website works properly online. These settings if you go through the WordPress set up are pretty easy to understand but the problem is what you do when things go wrong. It could take you hours or even days whereas if it is managed there will be experts who could probably solve the problem within a couple of hours.


Using Godaddy managed WordPress site you have the very best security systems in place. This is probably one of the most important things a person should take into consideration because over your website you are gaining thousands upon thousands of people’s email addresses, personal information and if they are a customer banking or PayPal accounts. What a nightmare it would be if all this information was hacked and what it would do to your business. This is one of the biggest advantages to having a managed WordPress website because again the experts take care of this.

It is not only the private information but all the other aspect as well like the information and settings that we have on our website from building it from scratch. With Godaddy you will have a dedicated team that will back it all up on a daily basis to ensure that you will not need to start from scratch once something goes wrong.

Managed WordPress also will have a scanning mechanism to scan for malware and a team to ensure that it is kept up to date which will protect not only you but all your valuable customers as well.


The time your website is available is important and commonly known as uptime. Having a managed site and the right plan they will probably give you the best uptime of 99,9% but if you manage it yourself and not monitoring it all the time like managed a WordPress site you could end up in a situation whereby the site is down and you only find out hours after the event.


Having a managed website one of the biggest advantages is the training that you receive and with Godaddy, you will also receive videos to show you exactly how to design your website content.

In the internet business, the content of your website is extremely important because if the content is bad or uninteresting the visitor to your site will probably not visit it for long and the result being you end up with no customers.

Managed websites will also have built-in plugins to make sure that you reach your customers like automatic SEO optimization and other plugins that allow your site to be found.

They also give you the facility to have your domain even if the name is in your domain name but at a later stage when you have started making money and can afford your own domain they can transfer the whole site to that domain.
There are millions of websites and by Godaddy you will get training on what content you will need to put in your website from the privacy statement to the presenting yourself if you are operating as an individual or the company and what you need to do to explain to your visitor what you offer, the mission and how the customer will have confidence in doing business with you.

The appearance of the website is also important and how easy it is for the customers to navigate to your different page and all these come from training and managed websites.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Having a managed site has many advantages and certainly outweighs the disadvantages as the main reason is that it leaves you to concentrate on what is important to your business which is creating revenue. If you were spending hours every day backing up all the information, updating all the plugins and more importantly back up all the files and setting one’s business is bound to suffer. It is difficult to think what the advantages are not having a managed site and it will probably be that you will have control over what plugins, security systems and malware software you would like to use.

In conclusion, it is better to have a managed site with experts that are focused on what is important to keeping the website running and safe and leaving you to focus on developing your business and making sure that your customer base grows.

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