Tracking Your Website’s Uptime – The Ultimate Guide

When trying to set up a website, the Internet will be screaming in your face to get a host who provides the highest level of uptime. The more you do your research the higher the chances of believing in the uptime advice. But, what really is uptime for your website? Can you measure it and how does one measure it? Is more of it good or the opposite is true? Here, we focus on defining and taking you through the various ways of finding the uptime for your site.

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website Uptime

Defining Uptime:

Uptime can be defined as the amount of time a website is available for use by its customers and visitors. Creating a website entails making use of GoDaddy coupons to save on the costs of building the website. With this GoDaddy renewal coupon, one will be promised an uptime of 99.9 percent. That figure means that, from the time your website is created, it will be up and running 99.9 percent of the time. When going for a hosting service, go for a company that guarantees the highest amount of uptime. The opposite of uptime is downtime and it means the time when your website is not available for use.

The Need to Monitor the Uptime of your Site:

Most people make the mistake of thinking the hosting service will take care of everything there is with their website. You need to know that, after utilizing your GoDaddy promo code and creating a website, you will need to track their uptime to know whether the hosting service will provide the uptime it promises to deliver or not. Most GoDaddy coupons allow you to track the uptime to know how fast you should respond to the downtime to avoid losing customers to your website.

Tracking your Website’s Uptime:

You have made use of a GoDaddy renewal coupon and have built the website that you desire. But how do you know that the website you have built is always up and running? You will not need to be online yourself at all times as there are tools that can do that for you without you having to lift a finger. These tools help you decide whether your hosting service is keeping their word or your GoDaddy promo code went to waste. They are of many types and approaches and that is what we will deal with next.

Types of Uptime Tracking Tools:

There are many types of tools for checking whether you put your GoDaddy coupons to good use or not. First, there are tools which cost you money then there are those that cost you nothing at all. Other tools will gauge the various parts of the website while others will only check whether it was up and running or not. The GoDaddy renewal coupon you can obtain at low prices will be worth its salt if the tool can identify correctly the time the website was up and running no matter the approach employed.

HTTP Monitor:

An HTTP monitor works by checking whether there is traffic between your website and a computer at a given time. Say you have made use of that GoDaddy promo code to built your website with your planned budget. For it to run, there will be the need to move information between itself and the computer from the user. This will only happen with the website is running and is accessible hence the uptime phrase. you are assured of having a website with a high uptime to ensure that your customers always find you and they can carry out their transactions with ease.

Ping Monitor:

The ping monitor sends an occasional signal to your website to know if it is working. When the ping is sent back, the monitor will know that it is use. If the ping is not received, you will be notified of the problem. You have a website with a high uptime to ensure the ping monitor always brings back good results. Not just that, will also ensure you get a website that is fast since the ping monitor can also gauge the speed of the website.

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